Beauty, albeit perceptive, is the manifestation of all the good that is in us, around us. It embodies the light in our lives, a direct contradiction to all things unpleasant, unwelcome.

As Victor Hugo has beautifully woven the sentence,” To love beauty is to see light”. With an eye to opening up a whole world of possibilities in the field of ethnic beauty, we bring to you AaloBangla–our very own ethnic boutique.

Ethnic clothing has always been glamorous in it’s own way, simple yet bold. AaloBangla brings you contemporary ethnic wear that you can accommodate in your daily wardrobe with ease.  We will make sure that there is a little something for everyone out here! We also intend to be a platform for highly talented, creative artisans and help them  get their due recognition. In this age of westernized way of living that most have adapted, we want to keep alive what’s ours, the very ethnic style which makes us unique!